Western Salvage is a locally owned and operated metal salvage and clean-up company. Proud members of the Kindersley/Luseland community in Saskatchewan, our mission is to help you turn your scrap into bucks.

Auto-mobile wrecking, oil site clean-up, experience with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and more—whatever your scrap and salvage needs, we are ready, able, and standing by to take on your project.

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By recycling your scrap metal, you are part of a movement that is estimated to help reduce consumer waste by 105%.

Turning scrap into savings can translate into both dollars and cents, and into impressive benefits for the environment.

Environmental Benefits of steel recycling:

  • air pollution is reduced by 86%
  • water pollution is reduced by 76%
  • energy savings of 74%
  • water consumption is reduced by 40%
  • mining wastes are reduced by 97%
  • consumer waste is reduced by 105%

Our friendly, professional, staff, outfitted with our impressive array of equipment, are ready to handle jobs of all sizes, from smaller scale jobs to larger, industrial size jobs.

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7th street West, highway 21,

Kindersley, Saskatchewan